Thursday, December 20, 2012


Welcome to our latest collection girls, 
all are exclusive pieces designed & made by Old Blossom Box 
For orders online via poslaju 
Do email
 Please state full name/add/item name (colour)
you can also drop by at the boutique :) 
309, Block 2 (above Ambank), Laman Seri Business Park, 
Sec13, Shah Alam,
or at 2nd floor, Section7, Shah Alam (opposite Paparich)

IMG_9734 copy

IMG_9737 copy

IMG_9725 copy
Maroon Novelty Daisy Shawl, RM30
Made from cotton
L: 1.5mtrs x W 21"

IMG_9780 copy
Yellow Novelty Daisy Shawl / Pink Novelty Paisley Shawl, RM30
Made from cotton
L: 1.5mtrs x W: 21"

IMG_9765 copy
Yellow Novelty Rose Shawl / Peach Novelty Rose Shawl, RM30
Made from cotton
L: 1.5mtrs x W: 21"

IMG_9768 copy
Novelty Floral Bloom Shawl RM30/ Novelty Candy Shawl RM35
Floral Bloom is made from cotton & Candy is made from Koshibo
L:1.5mtrs x W:21"

IMG_9770 copy
Blue Novelty Peacock Shawl RM30
Brown Novelty Vintage Shawl RM34
Peacock is made from chiffon & Vintage is made from Indian cotton
L:1.5mtrs x W:21"


IMG_9766 copy
Novelty Paisley Shawl, RM35
Colours Lilac or Yellow
Made from Koshibo
L:1.5mtrs x W:21"

IMG_9749 copy
Novelty Miss Daisy Bawal Scarf, RM38
Colours: Yellow, Lilac, Soft Pink, Pink, Peach, Blue, Teal
Cream, Black, Green, Dark Pink
Our handmade bawal square scarf with cute embroidered daisies,
its cute enough for daily wear or with your kurung.

IMG_9756 copy
 IMG_9757 copy
Soft Pink
 IMG_9760 copy

IMG_9782 copy