Sunday, December 06, 2009


DATE: 10 DEC 09
TIME: 8.30PM

It's an update OLD BLOSSOM has been waiting for, not a spooky update (that's for sure!), but OLD BLOSSOM will bring adorable goodies all inspired by this week's muse, Wednesday Addams (played by Christina Ricci). So do stay tuned for all things Wednesday inspired from vintage-like dresses, lace, a bit of edgy-ness, all with that OLD BLOSSOM charm... Do not miss this not-so-scary update, all with imported goodies...

P.S: Actress, Intan Ladyana in Old Blossom by Jezmine... For the Cosmopolitan magazine Fun, Fearless & Fabulous Awards on Saturday.


Edit: Thanks soooo much for the overwhelming response, and to all of you that sent me emails!! I've replied to some, and I'll reply to all email gradually... Thanks sooo much again...

The Old Blossom Box Store is always thinking of ways to improve the store (more gorgeous things for you sourced locally & overseas, more awesome home made goodies). And you dearies have been really great supporters, and heart you all. And NOW, to move ahead, Old Blossom plans a new mini label: "BLOSSOM + U" for apparels of sizes UK12-UK16 (for plus sizes). With that, it would really mean a lot if you dearies could hit me an email at:, with the title, "Yes, I agree with +U"... And best of all, plus sizes apparels will be chosen with that OLD BLOSSOM quirk and cuteness, thanks a million....

OLD BLOSSOM BOX for Plus Sizes?
Email: Yes, I agree with +U at