Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello dearies, first of all a heart felt thank you to everybody for all the support (and those wonderful girls I got to know & meet, eventhough some are through SMS), thank you soo much. And thanks to those who 'Follows the blog via Blogger', it's the best way to get instant news on blog updates. Come July, COD will be available again (Yippey), COD area's are Shah Alam, Subang Jaya & maybe Damansara (for purchases above RM35 though). Parcel delivery will be from Monday-Thursday. Goodies are updated on Sundays, and on weekdays, One Special Item of the Day will be available too (the day will be confirmed)...
And do come this Saturday at KLPAC Sentul for URBANSCAPES 09! Admission for the Market Place (where Old Blossom will be at) is FREE. So do do come by.. And Old Blossom will be under THREADZOO this time! See you guys there!