Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey dolls, I'll be out of the country from FRIDAY till MONDAY NIGHT, so pretty please email me instead, thank you.. And look out for more great goodies the following week! Apart from that, I want to thank everybody for their support & warm love...

And thank you to all media & publications for the support towards OLD BLOSSOM BOX too, espeacially Vee when he was at Seventeen Magazine, KLUE, Remaja, Berita Harian, Kosmo, NST, ThriftBook, Shopping Roll & SIEG Mag. And although I can't always say yes, due to my very packed schedule, I want to say thank you to TV3 Apa-Apa Aja/Edi (and hopefully another project soon), TV2, RedComm/8TV (for the countless support), 8TV for all the interest and support, Tongue In Chic/Joyce too...Shila One In A Million for wearing Old Blossom Box (especially designed for her) to a red carpet event, and finally Bijou Bazaar.

Thank you, major huggies & sloppy kisses from me!