Thursday, April 02, 2009


Just a quick note,
SMS orders to 0176050442.

Please state NAME, CODE & COLOUR,
Again girls, your NAME is very important...
Everything is LIMITED from 1-3 pieces only!
Reservation ends on Wednesday (time TBC), and will go to next buyer!
Thank You Soo Much Girls!

I hope you'll love the collection!
And do refresh twice, as there's two separate post's dearies...

Look forward to more updates with the TRULY NEW edition,

There will be two separate sales/title tomorrow,
so, do REFRESH twice dearies...
  • The Old Stories With New Twists
  • That Funky Do!
Day: Sunday Night
Date: 5 April
Time: 9.30PM

Honey Pots, everything will be new and limited, yeay!
From kitschy shirts, tops, dresses to unique accessories!
Old Blossom will resume with The Wizard of Oz theme on 12 April,
with a mix of vintage, thrifted, new & handmade!
Love you lots!

The Old Blossom Box Store
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and thank you soo soo much for the support!
That goes sincerely to every one of you..
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