Monday, March 16, 2009


Dear Ladies (and perhaps some gentleman's),
The Old Blossom Box Store will be updated, this:

Day: Wednesday Night
Time: 10.30PM
Date: 18 March

Theme: The Vampy Rockabilly Love Edge

say yeay to dark, edgy pieces, with a touch of quirky retro-ness,
and rockabilly bouffant! And more *TRULY NEW* items added...

On a side note, Thank You Soo Much to everybody for your sweet supports!! And to those that bought my bows.. (with too many names to name) how I wish I could thank you guys individually.. And some of you even ordered nearly 'most' of the collection (*you guys know who you are/this upper picture of the bows belongs to one new owner, yuppy, all the bows...) So thank you soo much. Thank you for browsing, thank you for shopping, thank you for the sweet emails & texts, and especially, thank you for being a friend.. Love, Jezmine.