Sunday, November 16, 2008


Dear all,
I'm soo very sorry to any of you who didn't get a chance to order.. And the biggest apology, if somehow i didn't get to reply your SMS-es, especially to those that didn't provide your names.. Im soo soo sorry...
I posted 23 items thinking that it's tengah bulan, and i thought not many people would be interested.. So sorry about that, Ill promise to put more things on sale next week.. i'll try up to 30+ items, and add feebies too.. ( I'll try and add freebies on every sale update).
Apart from that, to those of you that asked, bags & belts shall be next week... More vintage big buckled belts & studded ones for sale..
Again, sorry to those that didn't get through.. I'll be having an off-line sale soon too ( at my place), so be on the look-out for that too..
Thank you soo, soo much to all of you,