Thursday, August 06, 2009


Theme: Vintage Love Burst
Day: Sunday Night
Date: 9 August
Time: 8PM

What's in store? Denim polka dot boyf' blazer, cotton floral peplums, floral jackets, and a whole load of other goodies, to kick-start Old Blossom's birthday month...

Good news, as it's Old Blossom Box's 1 year anniversary today! Freebies with every purchase above RM35 for the whole month! Please note that most things (90%) are Imported for August, and reservations is only within 48 hours... (if not item will go to the next buyer in-line)... Thanks for the 1 year support, and note that Old Blossom is a Registered Company too. Again, thank you soo soo much everyone... Especially to the first ever customer, who was Stella & Zarina... and all the media & review blogs for all the support too. Lets hope more goodies will come our way!

Finally, a full shot picture of Shila's OIAM red carpet from Old Blossom at Shout Awards